1971 Redline Hot Wheels

34 New Models for 1970


The 4th year of Hot Wheels saw the addition of 35 new models.  Fantasy cars took over the main thrust of Hot Wheels designs.  The last of the really awesome real car models was the scarce OLDS 442.  Finding an Olds 442 is the highlight of most Redline Collectors.  I hear all the time that back then you just could not find it at the store.  Values vary widely on the 442 from $400 for a mint condition  Magenta to over $10,000 for a mint condition Purple which makes it one of the most expensive regular production models of all time.   


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1971 Models

AMX/2 Boss Hoss Bugeye
Byefocal Classic Cord Cockney Cab
Evil Wevil Fuel Tanker Grass Hopper
Hairy Hauler The Hood Ice "T"
Jet Threat Mongoose II
Funny Car
Rail Dragster
Mutt Mobile Noodle Head Olds 442
Pit Crew Car Racer Rig Rocket-Bye-Baby
S'Cool Bus Scooper Short Order
Six Shooter Snake II
Funny Car
Rail Dragster
Snorkle Special Delivery Strip Teaser
Sugar Caddy T-4-2 Waste Wagon